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Welcome to the Sheppard Seabear Sanctuary, a site dedicated to my dachshunds,
teddy bears and embroidered items (cross stitch, machine embroidery and silk
ribbon embroidery)
Announcing the arrival of:   Harmon, aka Hambone
                 and Big Brother Buster
Puglsey and Fritz as
young dogs.
would sit like this for
1/2 hr. or so, just
looking around.
Our love of dachshunds started back when I was in 8th grade and received a doxie pup as a
graduatuation/birthday present. His name was Bismarck
. Next, came Gretchen, a red-short-hair
mini. She was actually my mother's dog, but SHE decided she wanted to be with my husband and
me - so Gretchen came to live in Florida with us. She was quite a dog! She was responsible for
getting my husband's entire family hooked on dachshunds! Gretchen lived a wonderful, long live.
She was 16 1/2 years old when she went to the Rainbow Bridge-but NOT before getting to
"TRAIN" the puppies, Pugsley and Fritz.
Pugsley and Fritz were born on May 11, 1986 and came to Florida to live with us. They were our
precious furbabies and left a wonderful legacy of memories. Pugsley left us for the Rainbow
Bridge on September 27, 2001 at age 15 1/2  and Fritz joined her on May 26, 2002, at age 16.  
We do miss them so............

One of the hardest things we have had to deal with is the unexpected loss of our most precious
Norton, on May 18, 2011. After a full day of playing in the gulf, fetching his favorite toy, Elmo, he
suddenly began having trouble breathing. We do not know why this had to happen and we deeply
mourn his loss .
 Then in December 2013, we lost our precious Buster.
Katlyn and her
puppies, Fritz and
Puggy in their little
rowboat. Click on her
picture or my Tedd's
and Friends button to
see my teddy bears
and dachshunds.
Date updated: January 16,2014
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